Would It Be Better to Get BBL First and then Tummy Tuck W/ Breast Lift/Augmentation?

Hello, I want to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift (with the possibility of removing fat from my back). However, at my own discretion I don't think it would safe or smart to combine all of these procedures at once but instead done in stages. My question is which would be better to get first, the BBL w/ lipo and/or the Tummy Tuck combined/ Breast Lift? If the TT is done last could the remaining fat from that area be used to get a second session of fat x-fer into the buttocks?

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Combines surgery

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Yes, you are right that it would be too much too combine all of these surgeries at the same setting.  The order of the procedures depends on what is most important to you to have done first.  Some body types are more suitable to perform them in a specified order.  Trust your plastic surgeon, they will likely recommend the best order, and maybe even give you some options.

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Today mommy makeovers are popular, combining body and breast surgery. But having it in 2 operations is fine too.

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I frequently perform these procedures at one time, called the "mommy makeover."  However, this is not for every surgeon and if your surgeon or you prefer to stage it, that is fine.  The Brazilian butt lift is always done at the same time as the liposuction of course.  You could do that first and return for the tummy tuck and breast lift, just as you planned.  Or you could have the breast lift with the BBL and then return for the tummy tuck.  The breast lift is not usually very painful especially if you are not having implants (which is why I tend to do it the same time as the lower body surgery).  The tummy tuck is more painful of course.  The advantage in combining surgery is one operation, one recovery, and one time period off work.  Plus some financial savings.  You can view some examples on my website if you wish.  I've attached a link.

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Should I have the BBL before or after a TT and Breast Lift with implants?

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Without any information regarding your height, weight as well as photos I would hesitate to answer your question definitively. But as a general rule if you stage the above procedures I would suggest having the TT and breast surgery first and then proceeding with the BBL. Good luck!

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