What are the pros and cons on the Tria age defying laser?

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Tria Home Laser -- Is Great For People Looking To Enhance Their Skin Care

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I love this device for home use, it can do wonders for people who are trying to enhance the results of their skin care treatments and in office lasers.  It is not a substitute for peels and lasers like Clear + Brilliant/Fraxel or Sublative but is only a compliment to them.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Pros and cons of the Tria laser

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The Tria laser is a home care device. Primarily what it's good at is heating the water in the skin so that the skin plumps a bit and makes products absorb better, which makes your skin look better. While it's a nice treatment for home use in the sense that it is good if you travel a lot or can't get in for medical laser treatments all the time, it cannot be compared to the strength of medical grade lasers done in a physician's office. It's a very nice compliment to these though. 

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