Anyway to Remove Silikon Injections for Butt That Migrated to Legs?

I have been suffering for more than a yr,my legs burn and hurt whn i walk or run. Can't do nothing or my legs get imflamation. Dr.Melos from Mexico,said it was a type of silikon for my butt augmentation,but it went all over my legs and back. How can I get this treated or what did he inject in me? I'm desperate...Have 4 beutifull children and it was'nt wrth it..nothing is when is putting ur health at risk...HELP, Dr's here in the US can't seem to solve my problem.

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Cosequences of Silicone injections to the Buttocks

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I regret having to tell you this but I know of NO way to effectively remove injected silicone or whatever they injected you with and told you it was silicone.

The problem with silicone injections are multiple. It is a permanent, NON- biodegradable product. It was injected INSIDE not in between tissues, not in a single pocket where it potentially may be removable (such as in ruptured silicone breast implants). The results are pretty much irreversible.

Every woman reading this heart wrenching plea for help should remember it each time she reads about Hydrogel, silicone, PMMA and other non-FDA approved miracles injections to augment soft tissues, especially breasts and buttocks.

Don't do it REGARDLESS of the cost.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Silicone migration

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Free silicone injection to the buttocks and other areas in the body are common underground illegal procedures. The silicone they use is industrial grade silicone bought from your friendly hardware store. This type of silicone is not pure and contain many other substances. It is not a Medical Grade Silicone which can be very expensive for BUTT ENHANCEMENT.

The body react to the foreign material by forming SILICONE GRANULOMAS, these some times can be felt and removed. When injected near vital structures like nerves the granulomas then involve the nerve and gives the pain, burning sensations, this can not be removed without destroying the nerves, which in turn can be a disaster if the nerve is an important motor or sensory nerve.

Free silicone can MIGRATE beyond the injection site. IT CAN BE SEEN ON X-RAY

If the reaction is intense some people have injected dilute steroids to decrease the inflammatory process, BUT this practice is not without risks. it needs experience , thought and proper method of delivery, NOT JUST INJECTING the steroid in a bolus.

Removing the silicone granulomas leaves SCARS behind and deformities. When injected in the breast diffusely the treatment is subcutaneous mastectomy and then reconstruction.

When attempts are made to remove it from the buttocks, it is never a complete removal and will lead to major DEFORMITIES. If the granulomas are near or engulfing a major nerve or blood vessel it can be very hazardous and complex surgery with potential for major risks.

The UNDERGROUND silicone injectors have graduated to injecting HYDROGEL these days and it is as hazardous as Silicone injections and gives a simillar GRANULOMA reaction. In the OLD DAYS PARAFIN was injected with simillar reaction, called PARAFINOMAS. All these materials when injected (PUMPING PARTIES) lead to disasterous long term complications.

Injectable MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE is approved in TINY DROPLETS for detached retinas as a glue where there is minimal immune response. These Medical grade Silicone come in very tiny amounts and cost a lot of $$$$.

Some people are injecting these medical grade silicone as fillers in tiny amount, this still NOT APPROVED and can cause major problems.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Silicone injections to the Butt migrated to the legs

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Removal of the Silikon 1000 is a difficult and nearly impossibel undertaking unless injected using a depot technnique.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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