Can Back Roll Fat Be Excised During Breast Lift Without Compromising Blood Supply to the Area

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Back roll excision at time of breast lift

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This can probably be done safely at the same time unless you have poor circulation (e.g. if you are a smoker).  The other option that may be possible, if your skin tone is pretty good, is to have lipo of the back rolls and a vertical breast lift which provides a fair amount of pull around to the lateral back.  This would help the back rolls without scars.  Obviously this would not work if your skin tone is really poor as is often seen in massive weight loss patients. 

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Breast Lift Combined with Excision of Back Roll or Excess Skin

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A breast lift can be safely combined with excision of the back roll or back excess skin. Not only can it be safely performed, but this tissue can also be used as a flap to auto-augment your breast at the same time if so desired. This is a procedure that is routinely performed by experienced post-bariatric plastic surgeons. From El Paso.

Excsison of side and back fat with breast lift

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The excess fat can be excised through the breast lift incision and if there is extra skin this can also be removed by extending the scar.  You might need more later around the back.

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Back roll liposuction

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Liposuction of the back roll would be a better option to maintain blood supply. It has the added benefit of no scar in the area and the possibility of skin tightening afterwards. Good luck

Dana Khuthaila, MD, FACS
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Back roll fat can safely be excised during breast lift.

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The incisions for a breast lift are on the breast and may extend out underneath the armpit and onto the back to remove areas of excess skin and fat.  Simply removing the excess tissue, without undermining of the remaining skin flaps should leave a good blood supply for healing.  This can be  done safely with breast lifts or breast reductions.

Yes, a breast lift can transition into a bra line back lift

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Thank you for the question.  Yes, a breast lift can be performed and the incisions can be carried out to the side and finally to the back to correct the bra fat/bra rolls as part of a bra line back lift procedure.  There should not be any blood supply issue with the breast lift if performed properly.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Breast Lift and “Back Roll"

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Thank you for the question.

The “back roll” can  usually be treated ( possibly with liposuction and/or excisional procedures)  at the same time as breast lifting surgery. Of course, in person consultation will be necessary for precise advice...

Best wishes.

Back roll lift with breast surgery

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Yes, this can be treated at the same time.  If the skin elasticity is good, liposuction of the area may work well.  If the elasticity of area is poor, with a lot of skin laxity, a direct excision of the redundant skin may be needed, in which case there will be a scar.  Your surgeon can advise you which method would be best for your particular situation.  Good luck!

Can Back Roll Fat Be Excised During Breast Lift ?

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Regarding: "Can Back Roll Fat Be Excised During Breast Lift Without Compromising Blood Supply to the Area"

The answer is - Yes but, are you sure you want to do it?

The breasts have a tail (The Axillary Tail of Spence) which extends sideways and blends into a fat tube coming around the tip of the shoulder blade. If not accompanied by excess skin, this fat can be liposuctioned. If such a tube / sausage extension is present, it IS associated with excess skin which will remain even after the fat has been liposuctioned. To smooth this area we can excise the tail. Excising it will leave a permanent scar which extends a variable distance to the back within the confines of most bras. Alternatively, the fat can be excised, rotated back and used as a natural breast implant to fill and enlarge the breasts. This is usually done in women who lost a lot of weight and have deflated, sagging breasts

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Excising or liposuctioning excess back fat with mastopexy.

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Yes it can but it depends on the extent and distribution of the fat as well as the condiiton of the overlying skin. I commonly perform this in combination with breast reduction.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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