Is It Ok to Use a Back Massager on Breast Implants to Help Keep Them Soft?

I was wondering if a back massager which heats up and vibrates would help keep breast soft or scar tissue soft if any or would it cause any inflammation? Would it be ok to use or best not to? I also am wondering about a Portable Ultrasound Massage Unit if that would help any at all to do on my own at home to help keep breast soft and prevent cc.

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Generally after surgery you have no need to message your implants. Unless they are placed above the muscle and your surgeon has intructed you too. I would check with your PS, before starting any.

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What Is Massaging Breast Implants?



Massaging beast implants is not like massaging a muscle. You have to target the implant and moving within its pocket covering all the main angles.


So using a "massager" could cause damage to the implant. Please do follow your surgeon's specific directions on how to massage the implants because it is an essential element to aid recovery and help you get the best results you can get.


Best of luck to you and thank you for your question.

Dr. Sajjadian

Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Massage post aug

I think the important thing is to move the implants 360 degress in the pocket at least twice a day.A good time is when you shower or bath.

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Breast massage after breast augmentation

Massage is the wrong term to use in this situation

Breast implants should be moved in the pocket after surgery to keep th pocket open.The implants should be moved in all  directions,or in a specific direction where stretching is needed.Additional strapping may also be indicated

Have your surgeon show you exactly what to do rather than resorting to back massagers or ultrasound devices that will have no effect

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Massage device for breasts

It is always best to speak with your surgeon about using a massage device on your breasts.  I doubt that a massage device itself will help.

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Implaant Massage


You would be waisting your time at best, and potentially doing harm at worst.  There is no evidence whatsoever that implant massage either prevents or treats capsular contracture. Same for ultrasound.  I know this is hard to fathom, given all the talk about massage by women and plastic surgeons, but it is true.

Best of luck!

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Massaging Devices after Breast Augmentation?

Always best to check with your plastic surgeon in regards to any modality you wish to use. Ultimately, he/she is responsible for your care;  best to run this question by him/her.

Best wishes.

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