Can Laser Liposuction be done with piercings in?

I have micro dermal piercings on my tummy. These are implanted into the skin and can't be removed like normal piercings. I want to have lipo done to my tummy but is this possible with having piercings there? I do not want to have to get them removed. What are the risks involved or would a Dr even do it?

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Thank you for your question.

Although we do prefer no piercing during the procedure but in my experience i have done them with no issues. As far as the increased risk, there are no major studies to indicate an increased risk of complications.

Sydney Physician

Liposuction with micro piercings

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Anything that goes into the fatty layer will be involved with the area of liposuction.

My best guess is that if great care is taken, the risk of having something go awry is quite small.

I recommend an in-person consultation to make sure.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.


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Thanks for the question, I would bot feel comfortble adding energy to something that could heat up and create serious burns so I would ask you to remove them if it was me

Laser liposuction

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I would suggest considering liposuction, and not laser assisted, with your dermal piercings.  It would be much safer and avoid the risk of burns.  I would not consider laser liposuction in an area of piercings.

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