Dimples/uneveness after lipo on abdomen. I got it done 3 yrs ago overseas. Feel embarrassed to show my body to anyone. (Photo)

Hi, I got liposuction on my problem area, I was a size 10 now size 8 in waist. I have always looked after myself but could never loose belly fat especially lower belly. I decided on lipo and my lowest part of abdomen is flat (originally my most problem area) but the middle & top is not as flat and looks funny, also I have indentations/dimples on lower right area. What can i do? What are my options? Thank you :)

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Yes you have quite a “moth eaten” appearance and irregularity of the abdominal wall.

This commonly occurs if surgery is performed under local anaesthetic with sedation and the patient becomes uncomfortable during the operation.

The result needs to be completely redone under a light general anaesthesia, by an experienced qualified surgeon. You may require fat injections to optimise the result and make it smooth.

Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction irregularities

Unfortunately this problem has become increasingly prevalent as many patients under value the training needed to complete liposuction correctly. Liposuction is no different than any other plastic surgical procedure. It is an artistic blend of removal as well as repositioning of fat to create an aesthetic uniform sheet. Any eye for ideal aesthetics and subtle contour differences on palpation needs to be recognized at the time of the procedure. If done in appropriately as is the case here one is left with scar adhesions of skin to muscle resulting in a difficult problem for correction. To correct this problem fat grafts must be used to correct depressions with liposuction of areas of elevation. This procedure may need to be staged as revisions may be necessary as the fat grafts are reabsorbed partially. 

Justin Heller, MD
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Dimples/uneveness after lipo

Dear Valen1

Revision surgery can certainly help improve the irregularities. A combination of limited liposuction with scar release and fat grafting can give you a much smoother abdominal contour. From the pics, it appears that you have moderate skin tone. I point that out because if thats is the case, be careful if someone decides to use liposuction more aggressively. That can leave you with more irregularities. I do think that you can get an excellent outcome.

Afshin Parhiscar, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Management of poor results from liposuction.

The results in the photograph are quite poor. I'm not certain why the entire abdomen was not treated. There's also been a regular removal of fat. Treatment might be as simple is a revision liposuction. However fat grafting might be necessary or even and abdominoplasty. Physical examination would need to be undertaken to determine this.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Indentation after Liposuction: Possible Solutions

You would benefit from liposuction in the mid- and upper abdomen to even out the contour between a relatively thick upper two-thirds of the abdomen and a thin lower third of the abdomen. It is difficult to fat graft the indented area at the same time. However, your surgeon can certainly try to fat graft the thinned and indented area at the same time in order to avoid another procedure. If after these revisions, you are still dissatisfied, you may need a tummy tuck as a last resort to remove the indented areas in the lower abdomen.

Lu-Jean Feng, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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