Side effects of Allocate/Claritin for treatment of capsular contracture?

This past week I went for a consult with a new surgeon for capsulectomy. He put me on Allocate to see if it was treatable that way and told me to lay on my chest as much as possible or give compression to capsulated breast when possible. Since starting Allocate/Claritin I have had some additional pain/cramping and wonder if this is normal reaction to this medicine. Dr said it would generally take a month to see any result in treatment

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Capsular Contracture

I recommend you try Singulair for early capsular contracture in addition to massage. The breast discomfort though may be more related to the contracture than the drug. Good luck!

Reston Plastic Surgeon
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Side effects of Allocate/Claritin for treatment of capsular contracture

Sorry to hear that you have capsular contracture.  I presume you mean Accolate.  I would ask your doctor about using Singulair instead.  It is a similar drug but has fewer side effects.  Capsular contractures can cause breast pain/cramping.  It is most likely not the drug.  It will take a month or so if you are going to see results.  I hope you can avoid surgery.  Good luck.

William A. Terranova, MD
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