Asymmetric/uneven Eyebrows and Eyelid

Just wondering what options I have for my eyebrow and eyelid. Ideally, I'd like to match my left (your right) eyelid and eyebrow, as I like showing more lid and prefer the more arched brow. What are my longterm and short-term options? And yes, I've tried compensating with makeup but it's a pain in the butt! :) Thanks in advance!

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It looks like you have ptosis of the left eye

According to this photograph of the arched lid, it looks like you have ptosis of the left eye and are compensating for this by lifting the brows.  You really need to go to an oculofacial plastic surgeon to see if there is a droopy lid.  If you fix the droopy lid, the brow will come down by itself without another procedure.  It’s really important to go to a specialist who can treat ptosis.

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Asymmetric eyelids and brows

Luckily, you included a photo without which all of us would just be guessing.  I definitely agree that your left brow is higher because you are unconsciously correcting for a subtle ptosis left upper lid.  You need to see an oculofacial specialist for further evaluation and treatment.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Facial Asymmetry & Facial Surgery

There are multiple anatomic abnormalities that can result in facial asymmetry.  These may include deformities of the orbital bones, eyelid soft tissue and eyebrows.  In most cases, they are relatively minor, but in some cases they may be severe and extremely noticeable.  Depending on the deformity, treatment may or may not be possible.  Although, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on from your pictures, I suspect you have boney orbital asymmetry.  It appears that on the side of your lowered brow, you also have a depressed orbital rim and flattened cheekbone.

Asymmetry of the facial bones can be a major contributor to facial asymmetry.  When this occurs it’s not unusual to have one side of the face that has a depressed orbital rim and flattened cheekbones and an eye that appears smaller than the opposite side.  This is often related to a condition called plagiocephaly.

When this situation arises, it’s possible in some cases to disguise the asymmetry.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to correct this deformity without major surgery.  In this case a unilateral brow lift in combination with botox on the opposite side are both possible options.  If you’re considering treatment, it’s important that you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you with this decision.

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Assymetry to brows

The easiest way to correct this would be dysport or botox can ntitrate it and it should give a nice temporary lift.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Eyelid ptosis and brow compensation

Hi. Your left brow is higher because your left upper eyelid is slightly droopy, so your brow is compensating and trying to raise your eyelid, thereby the brow is higher. The solution is not brow surgery but rather left upper lid ptosis surgery.  There may be also component of bony facial asymmetry contributing to brow asymmetry.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.


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Asymmetric/uneven Eyebrows and Eyelid

Great posted photo. Try Botox first to see if the asymmetry can be corrected easily. If yes than 3 times a year an office Botox injection can be done. If you desire a more permanent solution than a surgery that elevates the right eyebrow is the choice. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Asymmetry of eyelids and eyebrow

There are many many reasons eyes and brows are not symmetrical.  Each reason has a different treatment.

In young patients with one eyebrow raised, who don't have a significant difference in the "set " and position of the eyes within the eye bone, who don't really need surgery yet, it may be best to try Botox.  Botox can be used to relax muscles that are hyperactive and give a much more symmetrical appearance within 48 hours.

When it comes time for surgery because aging of the eyes has occurred, it is often possible to minimize the asymmetries of the eyes.

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Brow Asymmetry

At your age, Botox to elevate the right brow and a filler just below the brow along the bone is all you need even if it is temporaray.  

Raj Chowdary, MD (retired)
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Low right eyebrow.

The best way to correct this is with a slight forehead lift on the right. This requires only  a few days recovery and will be cheaper and give a better result than Botox.

Toby Mayer, MD
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You pose a very challenging problem. In general it is very difficult to try to make asymetrical issues equal. Because of the high arch in the central eye brow you might try Botox or Dysport in that area. That is a location that is often incorrectly injected resulting in an unwanted arch.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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