Is there anything called butt contour without making it bigger?

I have an ok but ( bug for my Amal frame in my opinion .. but it is sagging and has cellulite and stretch marks . I am planning a Lipo sculpture and though it would be nice to reshape it but without making it bigger .. is that possible ?

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Absolutely Possible to Contour Butt Without Increasing Size

Yes, you can contour the butt without making it bigger. Liposuction and buttock lifting would be great.  Laser or ultrasound would help tightening and lift as well.  I would go to someone who can give you a full evaluation and who has a practice focused on body contouring. Cellfina can be used to improve cellulite. Sculptra is an alternative but takes a series of treatments.  See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer.

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