Antibiotics Before Liposuction

Hi. I'll be having my wisdom teeth removed one week before having liposuction surgery. My question is, will the antibiotics and Tynenol that are given to me after affect my lipo surgery in any way?

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You should be fine

This should not affect your liposuction results.  The risk of infection with liposuction is very very low.  You should ask the plastic surgeon and get his opinion on this as well since he will be performing your surgery.

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Liposuction - Timing for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Hi Tavia12 in Toronto,

You should, of course, discuss this with your own plastic surgeon.

My feeling is that it is most likely fine to have your wisdom teeth removed from the standpoint of the surgery itself (ie, liposuction can be done on someone who just had teeth removed and is on some antibiotics).

But there are other considerations.  What type of anesthesia are you having for the liposuction?  If your mouth and jaw are swollen, what will your airway be like?  And so on.

So - I would probably wind up suggesting that you wait longer between the two procedures - like 3 or 4 weeks.  By then, most of the facial swelling should have gone down and every aspect of your surgical procedure - from the surgery to the anesthesia to the recovery - should be easier for you to tolerate.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Early second procedure.

The real question should be about doing a second procedure soon after the wisdom tooth extraction. The antibiotics and pain medication will not affect the liposuction but if the wisdom tooth extraction site has bacteria in it an a bacteremia follows the lipo sites could get infected. Just because you take antibiotics for the tooth extraction does not mean it will not have a problem. You are not going to be on antibiotics for a long time with either procedure. It would be best to wait until the tooth extraction site is well healed before doing the lipo.  

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Antibiotics are usually given as one dose priormto the beginning ofthe procedure. If you need antibiotics for another reason prior to surgery that is okay as long as the infection has resolved prior to the surgery

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Antibiotics before Liposuction

When I perform liposuction, I give my patients one dose of intravenous antibiotics int he operating room.  The risk of infection after liposuction is extremely rare when performed using standard sterile technique.

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Oral Surgery Procedure Prior to Liposuction

The Acetaminophen and antibiotics will not directly affect your liposuction surgery. It sounds as if your wisdom teeth are fine and your dentist is prescribing the antibiotics prophylactically to reduce the risk for infection after your procedure.

What is more important is the risk for infection following liposuction, from an oral source. A pre-operative dose of antibiotics is typically administered just before liposuction to reduce the risk for infection. That single dose may not be sufficient if an open wound is still healing in your mouth. A transient bacteremia from any residual open wound in the mouth could seed the site of your liposuction and cause a serious infection. You must discuss your oral surgery with your plastic surgeon so s/he is aware and can decide how to proceed.  I personally, would postpone your liposuction surgery date several weeks to ensure that your mouth is completely healed.

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Antibiotics Before Liposuction

There is no relationship so do not be concerned. Proceed with your planned liposuction but you could discuss with your chosen surgeon. 

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Liposuction and antibiotics

You may take your medications for the wisdom teeth and have your liposuction with no problem. You surgeon may give you antibiotics before liposuction.

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Antibiotics and liposuction

Many physicians prescribe antibiotics prior lipo suction so continuing with the appropriate antibiotics before liposuction after tooth extraction should not be an issue, unless a resistant strain developed.

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Antibiotics and liposuction

We use antibiotics according to current surgical guidelines, one dose just before, to reduce the risk of post-operative infection. The infection rates with liposuction already are very low. We do not feel the wisdom teeth removal the week before will pose any problem for your liposuction or increase your infection risk, unless you do have an infection as a result of the tooth extraction. Will you really feel like having lipo a week later?

Best of luck,


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