Can transplanted hair be removed without leaving a scar? Can the scalp be buffed to look normal? (Photo)

I have transplanted hairs on the front half of my head and none in back and now I am almost bald in the back of my head with not enough donator hair...I would like to have my transplanted hairs removed and go bald naturally now ... My concern is if in doing so I will have noticeable scars from the hair that would now be gone. If tiny holes are there which I assume so ... Can my skin be buffed or some reshaping like that be done to then heal and look normal like a normal naturally bald head?

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Any cut on the skin will leave a scar. Removing old grafts will also leave a scar. There is no "buffing" process to make your

Any cut on the skin will leave a scar. Removing old grafts will also leave a scar. There is no "buffing" process to remove your old hair transplant scar.

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Removal of transplanted hair

Thank you for your question and photo. Hair can be removed with laser, electrolysis and with an FUE punch. Laser hair removal is the easiest approach if the hair still has pigment (color) and is not gray. In general this will not leave any scar, however if you have pinpoint scars from your previous transplant these will be visible. Laser resurfacing of the transplanted scalp using a CO2 or Er:YAG laser can improve the appearance of these pinpoint scars if they are visible, but will not completely remove them. Shaving your scalp with a wet razor is also an option and will be the least costly option. You could also seek some additional opinions re: your candidacy for additional transplants to improve coverage. How many transplants have you had, how many grafts in total, and what method was used? You may still be a candidate for FUE. Best of luck!

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Removing transplanted hair

There are three ways to remove transplanted hair (1) hair removal laser, (2) electrolysis and (3) FUE.  All of these techniques leave scars to some degree

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