Does Anesthesia Fee Really Costs $3,000?

I had a breast augmentation about 6mos ago. My breasts are not getting soft and I want to redo it. My doctor said he's not gonna charge me for another operation if I didn't satisfy the result before I took an operation.But when I told that I want him to redo it, he said I need to pay for anesthesia fee which costs $3,000. I had the breast augmentation for $5,500 and I just can' believe that only for anesthesia costs $3,000? It just doesn't sound right to me

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What are the correct fees?

I suggest you ask your surgeon to break down his original cost estimate to you and show you how much he collected (and you can verify what his normal augmentation fee is), what was paid to the facility, and what was paid to anesthesia.  Don't forget you also paid for implants.  This breakdown should easily show you what anesthesia fees are.  It does sound inflated in my opinion, unless your revision is expected to take all day long.

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Fees for anesthesia

Many times the fee that you are told includes not only anesthesia but the other staff and facility fee charges. Discuss it with your doctor.

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Does Anesthesia Fee Really Costs $3,000

You are correct. THAT INFLATED fee is most likely to cover other costs than just anesthesia. The per hour fee range for anesthesia in MIAMI runs $400 to $500/hour so how could $3,000 for at most a 2 hour revision surgery be fair. You seem to have a real issue. Best to obtain second opinions in person with written fee quotes to show your 1st surgeon. 

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Costs of Revisionary Breast Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

The $3000  quote for anesthesia does seem high. It may be that the fees include “facility fees”  and/or new breast implants as well.  Always best to clarify with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Every practice is different; we can’t say whether 3000 is fair or not. It has a lot to do with the city, locations, the surgery center, a lot of different variables.


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