Why is an Implant of 350cc Smaller Than the Expanders with the Same Volume?

I'm 5' 5'' and 150lbs. I currently have 350cc in my expanders and the size is a D cup which is bigger than I want to be when it is done. I'm concerned that the permanent implant will also be too large if my PS uses an implant of the same volume. He tells me the end result will be smaller but I'm concerned at this point with the size.

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Expander to implant exchange

I find that the appearance and volume of the expander do not always match what the final appearance with the implant will be. Frequently you have to do a capsulotomy( cut the internal tissue) and this provides more room for the implant so it may look smaller. I have never seen someone of your height and weight feel they were a D cup with 350cc in the expander unless the mastectomy flaps were thick. Cup size is somewhat subjective and varies with bra type.

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Size of Expander vs Final Implant

If you are too large now with 350 ccs in an expander, you will be too large after the expander is exchanged for a regular implant if you use that size in the regular implant. I generally expand larger than I intend for the final implant to be in order to allow the tissues to rebound slightly and not become tight after the exchange. However, I note at what size I and the patient are happy and generally use that size for the final implant.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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