Alternative Procedure to Enlarge Areola?

Can the areola be enlarged in size without tattooing? I have areola's that are one and a half inches across. I would like them to be 2 inches or larger. What will enlarge them permanently?

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Balancing the size of the areolas

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There are several options to balance the size of the areolas. To make the areolas more even, you may choose to remove a small amount of skin off the larger one. Tattooing is always possible around the smaller areola to help it become more even in size with the larger one. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to perfectly match the areolas with tattooing alone. Also remember that several sessions of tattooing may be necessary as your body absorbs the tattoo ink. 

Enlarging areola

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The areola can be enlarged by what is called a "donut" mastopexy. A strip of skin is removed adjacent to the areola which is then advanced and sutured to the remaining skin. This will enlarge the areola.

However, it leaves a scar at the junction of the areola and skin. It can flatten the projection of the breast if performed agressively.

I don't think I would do this if I were you, but it can be done.

I wouldn't recommend it for now

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Your areola will respond to changes in your breast such as with pregnency or weight gain. Tattooing is typically performed when nipple reconstruction is performed as a part of breast reconstruction. If you tattoo your areola now, it may become too large for your liking in your future.

Dr Edwards

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