Could I Be Allergic to my Saline Water Breast Implants?

i had surgery 26 day ago but since yerterday its very itchy and the redness is noted in both!! its this an allergic reaction?

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Alergy to implants

In all likel;ihood you are probably not allergic to the implants but perhaps a medication your surgeon put you on such as a pain med.I would call his office.

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Allergy to saline implants? Probably not.

It would be highly unusual for you to be "allergic" to your saline implants. More commonly we see issues with skin irritation and itching from the postop bra, antibiotics, tight and dry skin from the increase in stretch, and nerve recovery from the procedure. Simple things to improve this are frequent washing of your bras, moisturizers for the skin, and over the counter Benadryl to help with symptoms.

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Allergic To Breast Implants ??

The simple answer is that you are not allergic to your breast implants. You are likely feeling the tiny nerves to the skin recovering and regaining normal sensation. This is a very common sensation weeks after breast augmentation surgery.It is also possible given that it only appeared yesterday that something in your bra has caused this reaction.

Redness after saline breast augmentation may be an allergy...

It would be highly unlikely that you are allergic to saline breast implants.  More likely you are reacting to buried sutures as they dissolve.  If your surgeon used deep stitches that dissolve you can get some relief with warm compresses and benadryl.

Could I Be Allergic to my Saline Water Breast Implants?

Without a little more history and and examination, I wouldn't want to guess the answer to your question. What I can say is that this could be something needing prompt attention, so a visit to your surgeon is in order.

Thanks for the question, best wishes.

Redness and Itching after Breast Augmentation?

Although it is not likely that you are having an allergic reaction to breast implants, it is possible you are having an allergic reaction to something else. An infection should also be ruled out.  I would suggest following up with your plastic surgeon for physical examination,   an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Best wishes.

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