Injected silicone oil on breast and hips. (photo)

Hi pic with gauze was in 2010 when i had implants. Before getting an implant i had a lil injected oil on my breast and still lil on my hips. Just recently i had this allergies needed to take macrol anti biotics. Now after few days it looks fine back to normal. But is there a way i could have the silicone remove on my hips and breasts via a laser procedure maybe? Can inosotol or any meds to help me lessen the silicone oil on my body. Thanks a million! This site is so informative.

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Silicone oil injections

Silicone oil injection are very dangerous and illegal.
The silicone oil incites a very intense inflammatory reaction and formation of granulomas, micro and macro oil cysts, and fibrosis. Not all silicone injected can be removed because it spreads massively. and can spread beyond the original site, in the breast to the lymph nodes of the axilla.
Surgical removal is the only way to remove the bulk of it.  In the breast a mammogram would define the extent of the silicone in the breast and the best surgical procedure.

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Silicone removal from the breasts

Liquid silicone is a permanent filler and our office specializes in the removal of silicone filler with surgery, whenever anatomically possible. We have one of the largest series of patients who have benefitted from silicone removal . 

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