1 week post op, do my implants look normal?

Prior to my surgery I was a 36 DD with saggy boobs. I explained to my surgeon that I wanted round high implants. He suggested 450 high profile implants. He assured me that they would not be flat on the top. I had my procedure 7 days ago and I feel that they look flat and the nipples are low. I also feel that there is a lot of side boob still. Will my breast change to be more round or do they look mishaped?

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Do my implants look normal?

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Hello and thank you for your question. I agree with my colleagues who have already responded to your question. It is far to soon to be critical of the appearance of your breasts. They will change and evolve significantly over the next 2-3 months. Generally speaking, they should round out and become softer. Have a little patience and try not to worry too much. You can always contact your Plastic Surgeon at any time and schedule an appointment for him/her to evaluate your progress. Best of luck in your recovery. 

Way too early to be judging mastopexy-aug results

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a mastopexy-aug is a very complex operation and it takes months for the final results to become fully manifest. your surgeon no doubt discussed this as well as the risks, tradeoffs, and scars involved in this procedure before proceeding. if you are having any questions or problems, especially during this early postop time, you should get back to your surgeon promptly. pictures are no substitute for an in person checkup by your surgeon, but nothing in the pix you posted is clearly alarming only 7 days after surgery. if you are not already scheduled to see your surgeon this coming week, then perhaps you should arrange to do so.

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Results one week after breast lift with breast implants

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Thank you for your question.

One week is way too early to be critical of the way you appear.  

I recommend that you let things heal for about 3-4 months.

To be sure, return to see your surgeon.

I hope this helps.

Too early to tell results

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Please wait until about three to four months after your surgery to assess your results. By this time, your breasts will have taken on a more natural contour, where the lower breasts become softer and rounder. Natural tissue expansion occurs to allow this to happen, with the help of gravity. Also known as dropping and fluffing, this can happen sooner in one breast so you may see some asymmetry before it resolves itself.

1 week post op.

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Thank you for your question. At one week post op it is too early to evaluate your result. Take time to heal and reassess at 3 months.


Breast appearance

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It is too early to see your final result.  Implants do not stay as high as a push up bra will achieve.  Best to wait and see at this point how things heal.

Augmentation Mastopexy Postop

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It is too early to tell what the final appearance of your breasts will be. Right now you will have significant swelling. It will take a few months to realize the early results and up to a year to see what the final results will be. 

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