Shooting Pains Normal Months After Breast Augmentation?

Nearly 6 months ago I had a breast augmentation from an A to C. It was over the muscle and the insicion is on the fold under the breast.

I still have a strange numbness around and under my nipples. I also get shooting pains. Is this normal after such a long period of time? Even though I'm saying it's a numbness, it's a weird feeling -- its like when you've been to the dentist and had your mouth frozen and the feeling is starting to come back. The shooting pains don't last long, but they're quite sore.

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The Healing of Sensory Nerves Following Augmentation

Tingling, burning or shooting pains, which will disappear with time and should not alarm you, indicate regeneration of the sensory nerves. If these #sensations cause pain, repeatedly, local self-massage helps. However, #massaging should be approved by your surgeon and is not suggested for textured #implants. Most importantly, you should make an appointment to discuss your healing concerns with your surgeon. 

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Feelings returning

This common after surgery. Your surgery, as well as the implants, have caused the numbness and it sounds like you're finally getting some feeling back into your breasts. That explains the pins and needles feeling, like you get when your foot has fallen asleep. This should go away in a couple of weeks.

Ronald Levine, MD
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Shooting pains after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. If you are still experiencing shooting pains after 6 months it is best you to see you board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate the situation. It would be difficult to fully assess your situation before seeing you. It would always be best to visit your board-certified plastic surgeon and get a full assessment for your concerns. Best of luck. Dr. Michael Omidi.

An in-person exam with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to assess your needs and provide true medical advice.

Michael M. Omidi, MD, FACS
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Discomfort After Breast Augmentation

I would encourage you to schedule a visit with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to determine the exact source of your discomfort. 

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Shooting Pains--- all normal.

This sounds like the nerves waking up around the surgery site. It can be alleviated with gentle massage to distract the muscle. If you are truly concerned about "pain" I always recommend you go into the office you had the procedure to speak to your surgeon directly. He can answer your questions and help with any concerns you have.

David Rosenstein, MD
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Breast Augmentation and Healing

Numbness and shooting pains are very common after any surgery, including breast augmentation surgery.  The numbness almost always goes away in time.  The shooting pain will settle as well.  One way to speed that is to massage the area.  This will desensitize the nerves and speed their recovery.  I hope that helps.  Best regards.

Brian Windle, MD
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Breast Augmentation Recovery

It is best to direct your concerns to the surgeon who performed your procedure. You may have numbness, tingling and a burning sensation for up to 6 months after your breast augmentation. If these symptoms persist I would contact your surgeon.

Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
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Shooting pain after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. It is uncommon to have shooting pains so long after the procedure. It is most likely that you nerves are tethered or entrapped in scar tissue. It could also be that they were stretched and went out of commission for a while, and now starting to recover and wanting to let you know they are coming alive. If the symptoms are unbearable, then I would visit with your plastic surgeon. There are some medications that can help with the nerve related discomfort.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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What to Expect Following Breast Augmentation - Pain, Swelling, Sensitivity

Breast augmentation is often accompanied by pain, swelling, and nipple hypersensitivity. These are essentially normal findings which usually resolve on their own. The weird sensation that you describe is known as a dysesthesia. It’s very similar to what happens when your leg falls asleep. The phenomena occurs when the nerves are compressed or stretched. During and after breast augmentation surgery, this is exactly what happens to the nerves that supply the nipple. The breast implant underneath the nipple compresses and stretches the soft tissue and nerves that supply the nipple and areola. In many cases, this process is made worse by swelling.

Patients typically describe a painful, tingling, burning sensation that can be very uncomfortable. In many cases, clothing rubbing against the area can elicit a pins and needles sensation.

These symptoms usually resolve in six to eight weeks, but may persist for longer periods of time. In some cases, aggressive massage can desensitize the area and minimize the pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
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Listen to your body

Shooting pains can occur for variable amounts of time after breast augmentation and can still be quite normal.  If you are doing something in particular to create the pain, you should back off from that activity until it is no longer painful.  It may take 2 years for things to be back to normal.

Gary Lawton, MD, FACS
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