Can an African American Get Scar Removal?

Just really wanting to know because I have heard that some Laser treatments can cause the dark skin to have a difference in skin pigmentation. If I could one what type of Laser treatment do I get?

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African American scar treatment should be done carefully

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African American Scar Trreatment must be done cautiously as pigmentation problems can occur. If the scar is darker than your surrounding skin, the laser can sometimes lighten the scar to help blend it in with the areas around it. However, it can also make the scars darker if you try to treat a lighter scar like a red one with the laser. There are no safe lasers to treat skin of color with a laser that does not have the risk of hyper or hypopigmentation. Other options might include excision of the scar if it is very noticeable but that too can lead to scarring. I hope this information helps.

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Treatment of scars in dark skinned patients

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African American skin is more likely to develop hyperpigmentation, but there are many options available for treatment of these scars that incorporate skin lighteners. 

Scar treatment in African American skin

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A scar is permanent. Sometimes, however, the scar can be softened with varying creams and laser treatments. However, in darker skinned patients this may be tougher.

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