Abscess/Boils on Labia. Causes?

For the past 8 months I have had 7 abscess/boils - 5 of which were on my labia. My doctor prescribed me an antibiotic for MERSA and informed me that I could possibly need my Bartholin's glad removed. My question is, if I continue to suffer from the boils is laser hair removal a positive option for me or how can I tell if I do indeed need my Bartholin's gland removed?

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Abscesses/Boils on Labia

First it is important to know if your doctor took a culture and what the results of the culture were.  The antibiotic that treats MRSA may not be appropriate if you do not have this infection.  Second, I would go to your gynecologist for this issue rather than a dermatologist.  They see labial problem more often than dermatologists.  If the problem persists and is on the hair bearing labia ( outer), then laser hair removal may be appropriate.   But it is important to establish exactly what is going on first.

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