BBL fail...butt has large pockets of droopy fat. What is going on? (Photo)

I had a BBL 6 wks ago. I know it's still too early for a final result, but I can't see this getting any better. It looks A LOT worse now than before the surgery; butt didn't droop prior. I already know it's not a seroma. Dr said the fat has fallen. I've NEVER seen any pics like mine. If fat is supposed to be injected into the muscle, how does this happen? Just trying to get different views on what could be going on here. Assuming I get a revision in 5 months, how likely is this to happen again?

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BBL fail...butt has large pockets of droopy fat. What is going on?

You may be a very good candidate for the Brazilian buttlift revision in another couple of months.  Preoperative pictures would help assess what may yield the best result in a revision.  Sometimes a combination of maneuvers are needed including liposuction, fat grafting into different locations and planes, as well as scar release.

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