Why Did my Surgeon Tape my Breast Implant in Place After Augmentation?

I had my breast augmentation done this morning with 300 cc Natrelle HP implants, starting with a 32/34 AA. My surgeon had to tape my left implant because he said it didn't migrate into the pocket as easily as my right.

Is this hopefully something that can easily be corrected? Is this what a plastic surgeon would call "bottoming out"? My breasts appear symmetrical from what I have noticed, but I am lightly bandaged. Thank you so much in advance!

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Taping of breasts following implant surgery

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I am not sure if he/she had to tape your implant down or tape it up. In the former situation this occurs commonly following correction of constricted or tuberous breasts in order to promote expansion of the lower portion of the breast. In the latter, it may be required following inferior caspsulorrhaphy.

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Taping and breast augmentation

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Hi, don't stress, this is commonly done by some surgeons to assist in positioning the breast implant in the immediate postoperative period. Bottoming out refers to dropping of the majority of the breast tissue below the nipple-areolar complex, and this can occur many months or years after surgery, not immediately after surgery. If your breasts appear symmetric, that's a great sign. Just be aware that during the first month after surgery one breast or the other may appear larger or smaller due to differences in swelling, so you need to be patient. Call your surgeon if you have any questions. Good luck, /nsn.

Taping after breast augmentation

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Dear Tru

There are many reasons to tape breasts after augmentation. I find it useful when lowering the inframammary fold on patients with a tight crease or even some with mild tuberous deformity. This is done to supplement any sutures used to support the fold as kind of a belt and suspenders type of repair.

When you see your surgeon tomorrow in post op why not ask him/her to explain the reason for taping once the anesthesia is out of your system.

Ask your surgeon

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Ask your surgeon. Don't get opinions from a bunch of us "experts." Call your surgeon and ask. You trusted him/her to operate on you. Trust him/her to answer your questions, especially the day after surgery. By the way, it sounds reasonable.

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