What's the Softest Filler Available?

I've had Juvederm and didn't care for the texture. It looked a bit too "firm" underneath my skin, and not very natural.

I know fat is the softest filler, but other than fat, is there anything else that's fairly soft? I've never had collagen. How does this compare to hyaluronic fillers in terms of "hardness"? Thanks so much!

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Try Prevelle

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Collagen, being a protein product, is a bit firmer than the hyaluronic acid fillers. So if it is softness you desire, I do not believe that collagen is your answer.

Prevelle, a hylaruonic acid filler might be the softest. I say MIGHT since my experience with this product is limited and I have not read any papers maintaining that Prevelle is softer. Still, it seems softer to me when I inject it.
Prevelle has an advantage ( in some respects) in that it does not last as long as the other fillers. Consequently, it is less expensive.
I would be curious whether other physicians who have more experience with Prevelle agree with my judgement.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Fillers and softness

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Yes, usually autologous fat injections can be the softest material but they can also be hard too.  Juvederm and radiesse and silicone can be firm.  There aren't too many other options.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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