Reduce Saline Breast Implant Volume Without Surgery?

Is it possible to reduce approximately 70 cc from saline breast implants without having surgery (for example, with a very small needle)? Would it continue to leak afterward? Thank you.

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Adjustment of Saline Implants

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The only way to safely remove 70cc volume from your saline implants will require a quick surgical procedure. This can be completed with a local anesthetic and some form of sedation and most likely, your surgeon will utilize your original incision.

Reducing saline implants

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Unfortunately, unless the implants have an external port like Becker implants, you can not just pierce the implant and extract fluid without opening up the incision.

Saline Implant Size Change Without Surgery - NOT POSSIBLE

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The short answer is no. No matter how small a needle used the implant would deflate as water molecules are so small.Surgery is necessary in all cases. On the positive side the procedure and recovery would be much less than the initial procedure if this is the only thing being done.

Reduce breast implant volume through needle not possible, unless port is there

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it is not possible to insert a needle directly into the implant without puncturing the implant, unless it has a special port, more commonly used in expanders than actual implants. You would require another surgery.

Implant size reduction

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Hi, unfortunately volume cannot easily be added to or removed from an implant without surgery. Piercing a saline implant with a needle will permanently damage it and it will continue to leak and eventually completely deflate. To change the size, you would require surgery to remove the implant and either partially deflate it or more likely replace it with a new, smaller implant. The problem with partial deflation in saline implants is that you are likely to get an underfilled implant which would be more prone to rippling and folding on itself. I hope this helps. Good luck, /nsn.

Reducing saline breast implant volume

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Putting a needle into either a saline filled or a silicone gel implant would cause a permanent hole in the shell and lead to a deflation.

Although ALL breast implants are given a lifetime warranty, the implant companies examine EACH leaky implant sent back to them. If they find any evidence for a needle or sharp deflation, they would NOT honor the warranty.

You MUST understand that an under filled / partially filled implant has deeper folds (imagine a Zip lock bag full of water). With each step and breath each such fold undergoes expansion and caving in which after thousands of cycles results in shell fatigue and a leak. EVEN IF saline could be removed from the implants, it would leave you with under filled implants with a much shorter half life and earlier deflation.

NOT advisable.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Diminishing the size of a saline breast implant

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For conventional saline filled silicone elastomer prosthesis implants, it is impossible to remove saline with a needle and keep the implant intact without surgery.

Furthermore, even if you could do it surgically, reducing all but the largest implants by 70 degrees would likely result in a higher rate of implant faillure and ruptre.

Any injury to a saline implant will cause it to deflate

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It is not possible to decrease the volume of a saline implant regardless of how small the needle is. A change in volume will require surgery.

Take care

Dr Edwards

Reducing saline implant volume without surgery?

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It is only possible to adjust saline implant volumes without surgery if you happen to have the type of implant that has a special port. These implants are very rare, and in fact I do not use them. However, saline volume can be adjusted with a very minor procedure which; sometimes even using local anesthesia.

Decreasing saline size without surgery?

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You cannot decrease a slaine implant without surgery unless you have a postoperativelt adjustable implant.  Otherwise, sticking it with a needle will deflate the implant.  Surgery is required to decrease the volume. 

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