Should a Patient with Factor II Refrain from Getting Breast Implants?

I have Factor II Prothrombin Gene Mutation (my blood clots more than most) and I would like to know if this condition would hinder getting breast implants.This generally only becomes problematic during pregnancy for me personally and during which I am required to take daily Lovinox Subcutaneous Injections. Without being pregnant my hematologist advises no smoking reg. exercise and refrain from sitting still for more than 2 hrs. I give this information in hopes that it may define my specific case of Factor II.

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Refraining from breast implants


Having a blod clotting disorder puts you in a high risk category for developing blood clots during or around the time of surgery. As you know from your pregnancy, the use of blood thinners or anticoagulants can decrease your risk. However, not only do you remain at an increased risk for blod clotting, you then incur the risk of bleeding from the surgery. This is a risk/benefit ratio that might not make sense to a treating plastic surgeon, hematologist or even to you. It is a discussion that you should first have with your hematologist and go from there. Good luck!

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Breast implant risks and alternatives

Prothrombin gene mutation is a condition in which affected individuals produce too much prothrombin protein. The prothrombin protein, which is also called Factor II, helps blood to clot. A prothrombin gene mutation can be dangerous, as a surplus of this protein can lead to hypercoagulation, or excess clotting of the blood. This could lead to DVT(LEG CLOTS) or worse PE (Pulmonary embolism).

From a medical stand point you will be classified as a high risk for coagulation problems. A consultation with a board certified hematologist and a plastic surgeon is necessary.

Anticoagulation with lovenox or heparin increases the risk for bleeding after the surgery,the professionals will give you all the risks and alternatives and an well informed decision will have to be done.

Best of luck!

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