Do Saline Breast Implants Cause Any Weight Gain or Retention over Time?

I had saline breast implants 18 years ago, which boosted my chest size to 36 C. At that time I was 117 lbs. Now I'm 140 and my chest size has gone up tp 38 DD. I am in good-shape--excercise, the works--but my chest doesn't seem to lose any weight. Is it possible that the implants have caused weight gain and maybe weight retention on my chest area?

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Breast Implants Will Not Cause Weight Gain Over Time

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Thank you for your question.

Neither Saline nor Silicone Breast Implants will cause you to gain weight over time. There are many metabolic changes as we age that do cause weight gain. You certainly can lose fat in the breast after dieting and exercise. However the fact that you have Breast Implants likely is the reason that you breasts do not decrease in size.

Breast implants and weight gain

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Breast implants do not cause weight gain other than the actual weight of the implant itself. Typically the weight of an implant in grams is equal to the size of the implant. There are many reasons for weight gain to occur throughout life, fortunately having breast implants won't be one of those contributing factors.

Richard Bendor-Samuel, MD
Nova Scotia Plastic Surgeon

Weight Gain and Breast Implants

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The changes in your breast sound like changes due to weight gain and aging rather than some effect of the implants.  Saline implants do not cause water retention.

  • As we age, changes in our metabolism can lead to weight gains.  Hormone changes with age play a significant role in weight change and fat distribution.
  • The pattern of breast size changes with aging does vary: some women slowly gain more fat and size in their breasts with age; others develop thinning of breast tissue and loss of volume.
  • We also see a lot of variation in breast size change with weight gain or loss among different individuals. Some women see relatively little change with weight fluctuations; others notice significant changes in the size of their breasts as they gain or lose weight.

It is very unlikely that your implants are contributing to the changes you've been seeing, but if it bothers you, it is worth a visit to your plastic surgeon to evaluate your options for getting back to your preferred size.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 43 reviews

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Breast implants cause weight gain? Absolutely Not

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Breast Implants (saline or silicone) will never cause weight retention.

If you are dissatisfied with the extra weight in that area, removing the implants and a possible breast lift could lighten you up, without the natural sagging which normaly occurs with age, especially if you have had children.


Darrick E. Antell, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 37 reviews

It's unlikely that the implants have directly caused...

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It's unlikely that the implants have directly caused weight gain to your chest. If you have gained weight in general, chances are that the fat that has always been present on your chest has also grown in size, causing the increased cup size. As you may know, the number of fat cells we have is more or less set after puberty, so weight gain for the most part is due to an increased size in these cells. Since all women have some fat on their chests, regardless of how thin they are, this is likely the culprit.

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 155 reviews

Breast Implants do not cause weight gain over time

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Thank you for your question.  To answer your question most specifically, your breast implants have not caused any weight gain aside from the weight of your actual implant.  Furthermore, this weight gain from the weight of your implants would have been obvious immediately following your procedure.  I think that it is important to remember that as we age our metabolism changes and this can contribute to noticeable weight gains.  Hormonal changes in particular, especially in females, can affect the way that patients put on weight and where this additional weight gain (in the form of fat) is distributed.  

If you are concerned with the size of your breasts and wish for them to be smaller, I would schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.  It is not uncommon for patients to undergo a breast augmentation as a young adult and then wish for a reduction or a smaller implant years down the line.  Some women gain weight in their chest as they age and unfortunately even with the most vigorous diet and exercise regimens, this weight does not always come off. In other women, they loose weight and volume first in the breasts than elsewhere.  I hope you find this helpful.

450 CC Implants Would Account For Approximately 2 Pounds

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It wouldn’t be unusual for patients to gain 23 pounds over the course of 18 years.This can occur for a variety of reasons, but not because of breast implants.
It’s important to note that two 450 cc saline implants would weigh about two pounds.Furthermore, breast implants wouldn’t cause a generalized weight gain.For this reason, your weight gain is probably not related to your breast implants, but instead to normal factors that occur throughout an individual’s life.

Not related to breast implants

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As a woman gets older, it is common for their breasts to get larger with the accumulation of fatty tissue. Since you mention that you also have gained weight, this may have increased your bust size naturally. However, breast implants do not cause weight gain or retention. 

Weight gain and saline filled implants

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A saline implant will only add weight of the implant itself. An implant will not cause any fluid retention after the initial swelling decreases after surgery.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 20 reviews

Breast Implants and Weight Gain or Retention

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There is no correlation between breast implants, both saline and silicone, with gaining or losing weight over time. One does see over time, however, the female breast tissue may increase in size normally and also have more drooping or ptosis, but that does not relate to the implant.


Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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