Should I Get Breast Implants if I Plan on Getting Pregnant Later?

is it recomended to have breast implants before having a child? how will the breast look after breast feeding? i just want my breast perky but very natural. i feel i have a lot of extra skin on my breasts. i want to see what the doctor recomends for size.

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Pregnancy and BA

Photos would be needed to advise further but the fact is the majority of women have breast augmentation before having children. In fact after breast augmentation the additional support of the implant can help your breast withstand the changes of pregnancy and breast feeding better and breast implants wil not interfere with your capacity to breast feed

A lot of loose skin suggests a simultaneous mastopexy may be needed

The issue with any cosmetic change is the predictability...

The issue with any cosmetic change is the predictability, stability, and the positive benefits of the end results versus the negative effects of not having the changes. That is, if the end result is unpredictable and unstable, because of the multitude of changes that usually occur and are unpredictable with pregnancy, then the procedure may not be worth it.

You have to balance that with the positive effects the augmentation might produce, as well as the cost of not doing it for the time before you actually get pregnant. That means, if you don't get pregnant for 6 months or one year or two years, you have to decide if 6 months or one year or two years of the benefits is worth it or if not having it done is worth the 6 months or one year or two years of dissatisfaction with your breasts.

No one can answer that question except yourself. You just need to know yourself and that the size and shape of your breasts during and after pregnancy is unpredictable with or without implants. The majority of women with implants will end up having a second operation within ten years.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants-Best to Wait Until After Pregnamcies

Most Plastic Surgeons would recommend that you wait until you are done having children before having Breast Implant Surgery.

Pregnancy enlarges the Breast Gland and after Breast Feeding is finished the gland shrinks to a smaller size but the skin envelope stays larger.

The result is sagging of the Breast or Breast Ptosis.

If you have Breast Implants before pregnancy, after pregnancy the Breast may fall down off of the implant and will look unnatural. In this situation you will want a revision or Breast lift.

Since you say you already have excess Breast Skin I would definitely recommend waiting.

The timing of breast implants and future pregnancy

Dear jayandkat,

This is a common question that my patients ask: "How will my breasts look after I become pregnant if I have implants?"  The breasts can change dramatically due to pregnancy, and breast feeding. Some women have breasts that look quite different after going through childbearing, yet some women's breasts may not change at all, although this is not common. If you have had children previously, the way your breasts changed from prior pregnancies will give you a clue as to what will likely happen with future pregnancy. If you have never been pregnant previously, it is impossible to tell how much your breasts will change. Patients should assume that the breasts will change to some degree (drooping, volume loss, stretch marks), and the presence of implants can exacerbate matters.

Having breast implants while pregnant is safe; the main consequence is that the breast may not look the same after wards. My advice is that if you are years away from becoming pregnant, getting breast augmentation makes more sense than if you are planning for pregnancy in the near future.  Of course if you have implants, additional procedures can be done to correct the changes due to pregnancy (eg. mastopexy). If you are averse to having the possibility of additional procedures, then wait until you are finished having children before having breast implants. Even if you wait, you may still need that mastopexy at the time of your breast implants, but you will have the single operation instead of an operation before and after pregnancy.

It comes down to asking yourself some questions:

  1. How much will my breasts change with pregnancy?
  2. Is it worthwhile for me to have breast implants now, knowing that there is a chance that the breasts will look quite different after pregnancy?


Best regards

Lawrence Tong MD FACS FRCSC

Lawrence Tong, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation is about quality of life, and can be done prior to having children

The decision to have breast augmentation is a very personal one.  It is about YOU, and quality of life!  There is no perfect age or stage of life to have breast implants inserted.

Some women choose to have breast augmentation prior to having children, while others wait until they have finished breastfeeding to have implants inserted. 

Pregnancy is one major change of life that will change the appearance, fullness and/or texture of the breasts, regardless of whether you breastfeed or not.  If you are planning to start a family within the next few months, I would consider holding off on having a breast augmentation for the time being.

If, however, childbearing is still a long way away, a breast augmentation before pregnancy can greatly enhance your quality of life, body image, and self-esteem!  It is an individual decision that can only be decided by you.

Be sure to visit a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to learn more about your options for breast augmentation!

Karen M. Horton, M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.S.C.

Karen M. Horton, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants Before Pregnancy

Timing is everything!

If you are actively planning pregnancy in the next year, you may do well to postpone breast enhancement surgery until you are finished having children and nursing.  The changes to your breasts with pregnancy may make breast augmentation or a breast lift desirable to enhance the lost volume and lost shape that can occur.

If you do not anticipate pregnancy in the near future, be reassured that breast augmentation will not interfere with pregnancy and nursing.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation prior to pregnancy

Thank you for the question.
Timing of the breast augmentation is a very personal decision. In general I advise patients if they are planning on having children in the near future (this is open to interpretation) to wait on the breast augmentation procedure. In your case, given your specific plans, it sounds like you will be best off waiting on undergoing the procedure. Doing it this way will potentially minimize the number of operations that the patient will undergo.
 The majority of patients who have breast augmentation are able to breast-feed, regardless of the incision site.
Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Pregnancy and breast augmentation

Unless you plan on getting pregnant in the next month or so, there is absolutely no reason to wait until after all of your pregnancies to get a breast augmentation.  Pregnancy may ultimately affect your breast volume and skin laxity.   

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation before pregnancy

Yes, most of my patients undergo breast augmentation and enjoy their new appearance prior to becoming pregnant and/or breast feeding.  Because of the normal fluctuations in weight and changes in shape of the breast after pregnancy, many women choose to undergo a revision or lifting procedure after they are finished having children.  However, many of these women may have elected for breast augmentation or a lifting procedure after having children even without prior implants.  Breast size, shape, and position changes with pregnancy, regardless of implants, but may be accelerated or worsened in patients with implants depending on the size of implants, the amount of weight gained during pregnancy, genetics, and the ability of the individual's skin to retract.  If you are young, have never had children, and already have rather inelastic, loose breast tissues, it is likely that you would desire a breast lift after having children, even if you did not undergo breast augmentation prior to pregnancy.  Thus, it probably will not change your desire or need for future surgeries if you choose to have breast augmentation prior to becoming pregnant.

Best wishes,

Jaime Perez, M.D. 

Jaime Perez, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation before pregnancy

Breast augmentation may be performed safely before pregnancy, although you need to have a comprehensive discussion with your plastic surgeon about possible complications such as inability to breastfeed. In addition, your breasts will respond to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and their shape and size may significantly different after pregnancy (+/- breastfeeding).

Olivia Hutchinson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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