Is There Such a Thing As Counterfeit Latisse?

My sister bought some for a really cheap price from a med-spa, but the box looks legit. How much should it really cost in Los Angeles? Thanks!

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Go for Real Deal

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There is counterfeit latisse and you should be careful of potential side effects not associated with the original.  Before using latisse, consult with 1-2 physicians in your area who have a good reputation. They should be able to write a prescription or sell you the real latisse.

Latisse counterfeit

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Latisse counterfeits are prevelant 

  • to purchase latisse from allergan as a doctor it cost quite a bit of money
  • as a rule i would say any latisse under 60 dollars isnt legit.
  • sells latisse made by allergan for less than other places for about as cheap as you can buy latisse. you need to fill out a medical history prior to purchasing.
  • 89.99 with free shipping

Always go to a doctor it is your body not a car

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There is a counterfeit for everything!

I see this to many times patients come to my office in tears after trying to save a few hundred dollars by going to see a "Specialist" from out of town that came for a short time to do treatments at a hotel room.

You have to wonder who is this person? what is he injecting ? Is he going to be there to take care of the complications later down the line?

Sometimes saving that few hundred dollars ends up costing you thousand's and uncorrected deformity!

It is your body and you have only one that is irreplaceable!

So i don't recommend buying anything that is not from approved pharmacy or a licensed medical doctor!

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Counterfeit Latisse is possible

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There is counterfeit EVERYTHING! Botox, Restylane, Lipitor, Viagra even H1N1 vaccines. She may have gotten EITHER counterfeit product (no active ingredient) or a knock off by a company illegally using the active ingredient in Latisse.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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