Cool Lipo for Fat Reduction After Gastric Bypass?

I had a gastric bypass about 5 years ago, still have a spare tire and flabby upper arms. I'm 54, not looking to be Barbie and not willing to undergo major surgery to excise the entire mass of fat/skin (nor can I afford it).

Bear in mind, I just want to improve (not totally take away) - Is Cool Lipo for me? I have consulted with some surgeons who think it will help. Thanks!

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Be careful what you ask for because you will get it.

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Yes lipo will reduce the amount of fat in your arms but based on my experience you will be dissatisfied with the resulting loose skin.

If you truly want to only have the fat reduced and are truly being honest with yourself, then you may be satisfied with the procedure.

If, however, you are choosing this option for the cost and the ease of the procedure, you will likely be unhappy with the outcome.

Be prepared to accept redundant skin as a consequence of fat extraction only after massive weight loss. You are most likely to benefit from fat AND skin removal (dermolipectomy).

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