Amy Winehouse Breast Implant Leak: Why It Happened?

i am really considering breast augmentation but i am now realy worried about leakage. amy whinehouse just had a leak that sent her to the hospital! her friend said that the leak was coming directly out of her chest, which freaks me out! please doctors help me understand why this happens and how frequent it does.

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Amy Winehouse breast implant leak

Among show business people who need to be outrageous to stick out from the crowd, Amy Winehouse is clearly SO FAR and outrageous that the others would need a GPS device to find her and catch up with her antics. Such destructive self abusive behavior has one unfortunate destination and its is hard to watch people drive there with such speed and abandon.

The implant leak "reports" appear to come from a single source. The photographs demonstrate a poorly done breast augmentation with subglandular implant placement (in a woman with little to no breast tissue cover) where the implant shells are visible and the central pockets are almost touching (IE near uni boob situation).

ALL breast implants leak eventually. But many of the newer implants may last as long as 20 years.

Rarely, when large implants are put in a small tight breast, or the breast is radiated, the pressure of the implant literally ulcerates and puts a hole in the overlying breast skin resulting in IMPLANT EXPOSURE (you can see and touch the implant through the hole) and subsequent infection. But, there is no spurting leak as was reported here.

For a leak of a breast implant content to the outside, someone would have had to puncture / stab the breasts with a sharp device from the outside.

How could it happen here? You can draw your own conclusions.

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No breast implants last forever

Of course, all breast implants can and eventually will leak over time. They may last 13-15 years but all need to be replaced sometime in the future. SALINE IMPLANTS will automatically tell you when they leak as the breast will deflate so the patient will know almost immediately. Fortunately , this is relatively uncommon as the reported deflation rate is less than 1 % per year and in my experience, it is much less.

This is not the case for SILICONE IMPLANTS as you will not know when they leak or rupture and the is the major challenge of all silicone implants long term. That is why as silicone implants get older, in my opinion, after 8-10 years, we need to moniter these implants closely thereafter using either a breast coil MRI . The key is to monitor your patients with all types of implants closely and follow them annually

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
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Breast implant choice and liftestyle related exposure or rupture rates

There are many facts about Amy Winehouse of which we are not aware that easily could have contributed to the condition you describe.

If you are not in the best of health, consume tobacco, have an eating disorder with possible malnutrition, partake of recreational drugs as well as possible IV drug abuse, then I would recommend that you avoid breast implants because your lifestyle would likely compromise or complicate the normal post-operative results.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Amy Winehouse breast implant leak

I do not know her history regarding her breast implants. However, breast implants can leak although it is pretty rare. Probably less than 1% of patients have leakage with the newer implants. However, it can happen.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Keep considering breast implants

From the descriptions of Amy's condition, it sounds like she had leaking from her surgical incision rather than leaking from her implant. This is known as wound dehiscence and occurs very rarely. Things that would contribute to this occurence include smoking, insertion of implants that are too large for the skin envelope, and infection. Her implants are certainly too large. She probably smokes and she may or may not have developed an infection of the implant. Consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon can help determine what your personal risk would be. Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
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How often does Breast Implant leakage happen?

Breast implants are like $475.00 balloons. They have a very durable silicone silastic shell and saline (salt water) filler, or $950.00 shells with a silicone cohesive gel filler. Both implants can last for 20 - 30 years without difficulties. Rarely, saline (6.7%) and silicone (1.6%) will rupture over their life span.

So does it happen, yes occasionally. This does not lead to leaking out of your body. In order for it to leak out of your body, an ulceration or erosion through the skin would be required. This is really rare.

Richard Greco, MD
Savannah Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants can rupture and leak

Breast implants are devices, and they can fail like anything else. The chances of this are relatively low and really depend on the type of implant. The newer gel impants were recently found to have a very low rate of rupture...only 1 in 100 patients had a rupture at 5 or 6 years.

Patients with other implant types generally have about a 90% chance of their implants being OK at 10 years.

Capsular contracture or scar formation around the implant is the most common cause of rupture, as this causes folds and creases in the implant that rub together.

The major manufacturers of implants generally will replace the implants at no charge in case of rupture, and also offer a reimbursement program to cover surgery and OR costs in case of rupture.

A breast implant that ruptures would never leak out of the skin, unless there were also an infection or some kind of cut.

As for Amy Winehouse, there would be no point talking about her unless there were some sort of sick drama involved. An implant leaking fluid out of the skin sounds just about right to get her back in the tabloids.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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