Is Thermage the Right Treatment to Address Jowls and Nasolabial Folds?

I'm 62 years old and had Face Threading 2 years ago. Considering doing Thermage, Pelleve, or Ulthera. are any of them good to do at my age and is it ok to do because i already had threading. i have sagging at the jaw and nasolabial folds but am afraid to do real facelift. do i go to a dermo. or plastic surg.

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I assume you had a  threadlift.

Even though I believe it would be OK to use Thermage, I would be careful  on a face that has had Threadlift, because Radiofrequency can cause an increase of temperature  in the presence of metal. You may get some burns.

Ulthera works by ultrasound and does not have this disadvantage.

If you still want Thermage,I recommend that you get a couple of test areas treated, especially where there is underlying metal, before having the entire face treated.

However, I recommend the Ulthera in your case.

And yes, both Thermage and Ulthera can improve sagging jaws.

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