Will Thermage Work on Nasolabial Folds That Formed Due to Rapid Weight Loss?

I'm only 24 and the facial sagging due to my weight loss has made me look much older! Given that my skin is younger than the typical Thermage patient's, will my results last well into my adult years? Or will I have to undergo additional treatments after every 2 years once I have started with Thermage? Thanks!

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Thermage not the answer to nasolabial folds due to weight loss

You are experiencing a common problem with people who lose weight quickly. The stretched skin "may" tighten up a bit on its own, so you might want to wait a few months before doing anything.

But if it's been a while and you see no signs of improvement, it sounds as if you'd be a good candidate for either a hyaluronic gel filler, possible Radiesse or a collagen stimulator such as Sculptra which can fill the other pockets of fat loss that are inevitable in any weight loss event.

Understanding how the facial fat pockets are integrated under the skin is really important. Many people find that Sculptra in particular can bring back youthful contours lost from lipoatrophy (fat loss).

What you are looking for is replaced volume - not to make your face "fat", but to provide the underlying support that keeps your facial contours balanced. Sometimes simply chasing what you THINK is the problem won't get the results you need or hope for.

A heat based treatment such as Thermage may tighten the skin, but won't get rid of nasolabial folds that are a result of volume loss.

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Thermage and facial sagging

Thermage will help tighten your skin and the result will last about 2 years as you continue to age.  You probably need to replace lost volume in your cheeks, so you may be a candidate for Sculptra or a dermal filler.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss your treatment options.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Thermage after weight loss

After weight loss people notice that their skin looks more saggy because the undelying fat isn't there anymore to stretch the skin.  You are young and still have your natural elasticity, assuming you do not have much sun damage and do not smoke, so you will naturally get some skin tightening  However, Thermage is a good idea because it will provide more significant tightening and will stimulate more collagen production.  I would expect it to last longer bacause you are young, but probably no more than a few years.  Depending on how much sagging and draping you have, you may want to get more than one treatment.

Jordana S. Gilman, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon
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