Painful and Swollen Breasts During Sleep After Breast Implants?

hi im 2 weeks post up breast implants and i find it still hard to sleep, every time im leaning back or even trying to sleep with raised pillows my breast after sometime like an hour or less become very painful specially on the outer sides and swollen and heavy overall and i feel its fluid inside even though its hard . is this normal and what is the reason ? im not sleeping well because of this having to get up and sit up right constantly .

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Swelling while sleeping

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I recommend you see your surgeon about this. Swelling is common following surgery, however if it is unbearable then your surgeon may be able to help. Make sure you're wearing your post-surgery bra while you sleep as well. This may help.

Difficult to Sleep After Breast Implants

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It is not uncommon to still have some pain after breat augmentation, even 2-3 weeks out. The swelling can last for a few months.  Musle relaxants might help.  Discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon. Good Luck!


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It is normal to still be in pain 2 weeks post-surgery. Swelling takes 6-9 months to completely subside. I would follow up with your PS to review what you can do to help you relieve your pain.


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