250 Ml Would Be How Much Cc?

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250 ml=250 cc

Millileters and cubic centimeters are equivalent measures of volume. One ml is equal to one cc.  

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Ml = cc

Millileters (ml's) and cubic centimeters (cc's) are equivalent measures of volume. Therefore one ml  equals one cc.

Milliliter or cc with Breast Implants

    A milliliter and a cubic centimer (cc) represent the same volume.  250 cc is 250 ml.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

Breast Implants CC's

1ml is the same volume as 1cc. So 250ml is the same as 250cc. A cc weighs about 1g. It is important to get a size of implant in cc's that fits your body and gives you the look that you want. It helps to try implant sizes in a bra. Also, in my office I use computer 3d images of each patient to visualize what different implant sizes look like.

How to convert ml to cc.

The conversion is 1 ml equals 1 cc. Also if you are interested 1 ml which equals 1 cc also equals 1 gram. So 1000ccs equals 1 kilogram which equals approximately 2.2 pounds

250 Ml Would Be How Much CC's?

250cc = 250ml

250 cc of water or saline = 250 grams = 0.55 pounds = 8.82 ounces

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1 mL = 1 cc


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1 milliliter (mL) is the equivalent of 1 cubic centimeter (cc),

ie. 1 mL = 1 cc.

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MLs and CCs for breast implants

A milliliter (mL) and cubic centimeter (cc) are equivalent units of measurement of volume.  Normally, breast implant volumes are described in cc's, but it is interchangeable with mL's.

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Milliliter versus Cubic Centimeter Difference in Breast Implant Volume?

The milliliter (ml) and cubic centimeter (cc) are equivalent measurements  used to measure the volume of saline or silicone in breast implants.


CC's are the same thing as ML's as they both measure volume.  Most breast implants are meausred in cc's as it is the usual custom.

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