Silk Peel for Large Pores, Dull Skin Tone?

Ive had pretty clear skin growing up minus a pimple here and there. In the last 2-3 years my skin has gotten much worse. Ive gotten larger pores on my face and my skin looks very dull now. I am also beginning to get a few lines and darkness under my eyes and Ive tried a number of things to reverse all of this but haven’t found a solution yet. I would love to get my glowing, radiant, and flawless skin back. Is a silk peel treatment (or several treatments) right for me?

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SilkPeel safe

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Without knowing as much about your skin as your dermatologist I can comment that SilkPeel is safe for all skin types when properly performed. The results are less dramatic than IPL, Fraxel and most chemical peels are even more effective. But these options are NOT appropriate for all skin types, so go with your dermatologist's recommendation.

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