Is 21 Too Young for Thermage?

I'm constantly aware of the feeling of loose sagging skin on my cheeks, jowls, and chin. My face is very flabby and round (but the roundness is decreased if I pull the skin back gently) I'd like better definition around my cheeks and jaw line, but I am only 21. Is this too young to be considering treatment?

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Thermage at 21

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Greetings Lilybee~

First and foremost, you are lovely and really don't 'need' a thing.  At any age we all have a certain amount of laxity in the skin...that's part of what makes us look like flesh and blood humans and not like wax figurines. You don't appear saggy or jowly in your photos.  The good news, and bad news perhaps, about Thermage is that it will never pull you tighter than you have been in the past.  It does tighten tissue and stimulate collagen growth at any age and is a wonderful preventative treatment, but that being said, at your age I can't imagine you would 'see' much of a difference.   If you were to get really picky and want to do something, you may then consider a filler like Radiesse in your medial upper cheek area. To have a bit more projection and volume in that portion of the face may create more of the effect your looking for without being pulled.

Take care and be well~

Dr. Grant Stevens       

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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