Can Thermage Safely Be Combined with Fillers?

I have just been treated with Perlane for for may naso-labial folds and chin with good results. My plastic surgeon is suggesting Thermage treatment (2 months after Perlane). Is this safe and will the fillers not negatively impact the collagen production inducing effect of Thermage? Afditionaly could Thermage accelerate the break down of the Perlane? My plastic surgeon also suggest filler treatment after the Thermage. How will this affect collagen productiom in areas where fillers are placed?

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Wait one month after Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane to have Thermage

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This is what I tell my patients.  There was one study that clearly demonstrated that Thermage does not affect fillers.  However, common sense guides me to think that the filler needs to settle down first, which usually takes one month.  There is some inflammation associated with injections- the skin needs to heal.  I don't think it is a good idea to heat up an inflamed area- this could possibly lead to hyperpigmentation, although I doubt it would have an effect on the filler.  However, the healing proces should be completed by one month.  There is no problem the other way around, and it does take awhile to see the results of Thermage, so, in the ideal world you would have your Thermage first.

Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thermage can be done after fillers

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I have seen no problem in doing Thermage procedure after fillers are in place. Thermage has never been marketed as a substitute for surgical facelifts. We keep hearing about the concerns of Plastic Surgeons, many of whom feel that Thermage will affect their share of the market.

Never go for Thermage if your physician markets it as being as good as surgery. Having said that, for the right candidate with reasonable expectations, it does deliver what it promises. The pain element has been resolved to a great extent. In any case there is no pain after the procedure is done and there zero downtime. 

Farouk Iqbal, MD
Muscat Dermatologic Surgeon

Thermage and fillers together

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Studies reveal that Thermage has no effect of fillers that are in place.  There has been debate as to which should be done first, and I have done fillers first, then thermage, and vice versa.  I could see no particular advantage to either technique, with both offering fairly dramatic improvement.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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Thermage safely be combined with fillers

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Simple answer is yes! But the Thermage is a very ineffective therapy option. Read her on Real Self and see the unhappy rate is well over 60%. Better to re discuss with the doctor. Make sure he is not needing to make his lease payment on this unit.

From MIAMI Dr. b

Questions about Thermage

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Many patients I have treated with facelifts have previously had Thermage.  They found it expensive, painful, and ineffective.  You might want to check into this more thoroughly before proceeding.

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