What Are the Side Affects of Getting the Teeth Filed?

I have my upper and lower teeth a little bit protruding. My doctor said my teeth can be filed to create spaces in between the tooth and then my teeth can be aligned properly. Will there be any side affects like bone loss, loosing strength, etc. in thefuture? What is the safest limit of each tooth that can be filed (How much mm)? Thank you.

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Filing a safe amount is fine

Tenths of millimeter’s filing is safe to be followed by fluoride gels to surface harden the enamel; this is the only side effect. Your concerns are warranted but trust your dentist; he has the best intentions.

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No negative side effects from teeth filing if done properly by experienced dentist

As long as it is done properly by an experienced dentist there are no negative effects doing enameloplasty or commonly known as enamel filing.

Having the teeth filed for orthodontic reasons will benefit the patient by moving them into proper alignment faster. When we file teeth during orthodontics we remove a small amount of enamel (0.1-0.5) mm making space to move into proper alignment.

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