Im an 18 Year Old Female and I Have a Large Mons Pubis What Options Have I Got? and Costs?

basically since when i started going through puberty i noticed my vagina was not like other girls and i felt uncomfortable going to the beach and now i feel un-sexually attractive... my fiance keeps saying its fine but i just dont feel fine about it... me and my fiance are looking to get married soon and i have seen the most stunning dress BUT because its a lovely tight fitting dress all it looks like is as if i have a mans genitals... please tell me some options of what i can do and the costs.

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Liposuction of the Mons

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   Liposuction of the mons is very effective and this procedure will be short in the outpatient setting.  The recovery should be relatively uneventful.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Mons Pubis

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The best solution is liposuction which can be done with little down time.  The cost will vary as in most cases you will want to liposuction the areas around the mons to keep everything proportional. You need to see a PS to have this assessed. 


Robert Kearney, MD, FACS
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 32 reviews

Liposuction of the mons pubis does great!

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Liposuction under local anesthesia of the mons pubis does great and is easy to undergo for roughly $2500 on special. You are back to work the next day and can drive yourself home afterwards. It makes a major difference in many patients. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 46 reviews

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