11 Days Post Lasek with Ghosting in Right Eye

I had lasek 11 days ago and my distance vision is very good. However, when I read or look at a computer screen I have some ghosting in my right eye. My left eye is still sharp, but the it is effecting my ability to read. Will this go away? I also have starbursting at night and some triple vision with red lights. For some reason, green lights don't give the same effect. My major concern is the ghosting. Help.

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LASEK recovery can take weeks to months

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In my experience, LASEK recovery can take weeks to months.  Be patient, there is no reason to be concerned.

New York Ophthalmologist

Ghosting and Starbursts after LASEK/PRK/LASIK

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Ghosting and Starbursts can be a result of surface healing after LASEK or PRK - which is essentially LASIK or laser corrective surgery without making a flap.  Healing takes longer with LASEK or PRK.  Occasionally, a very subtle aberration in the shape of the cornea can also result in starbursts.

1. Continue following your physician's instructions and drop schedule

2. Be patient

3. If the symptoms persist after 2-3 months see your physician!

Michelle Crosby, MD, PhD
Encinitas Ophthalmologist

Ghosting after LASEK

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LASEK is a modification of photorefractive keratectomy which involves creating a flap of solely the outer layer of the front surface of the eye.  It takes a long time for that surface to settle down so ghosting at this time, may be a result of the healing process.  Try to be patient as many of these symptoms will improve over the next month to six.  Speak with your eye  doctor if you have any concerns.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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