1 Month After Lasik Bluriness?

I had Lasik done about 3.5 weeks ago. My left eye is perfect but my right eye still has some blurriness. For the most part, its been blurry like that since I left the clinic after my surgery. What should I expect? Is the right eye blurriness going to remain like that? There is little fluctuation in that eye.

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Recovery after LASIK vs LASEK

You should see your MD. This isn't normal. Vision after LASEK improves for months. After LASIK only for days to weeks. So you should be at your final vision now. Go in ASAP as common LASIK complications like striae wrinkles Epi in growth etc can't be fixed well if treated too late. These can't happen in LASEK as there's no flap cut

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LASIK Enhancement

Not everyone gets perfect vision after LASIK surgery. Overall, about 5% of people need some sort of fine-tuning or enhancement. This is usually done at about 3 months after the initial procedure. In general, it is an easier and safer procedure than the first one because the majority of risk in LASIK is in the production of the flap. During an enhancement procedure, the flap is lifted, additional treatment placed and the flap is then placed back in to position. Healing afterwards is the same as with the initial procedure.

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