3 Weeks Post-op + PRK

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Floaters in Eyes After PRK, Why is This?

Hi, Soon after I had my PRK surgery 3 weeks ago, I noticed floaters in both eyes. Before my PRK surgery, I would occasionally notice floaters, but the... READ MORE

I've Had my Right Eye Scraped Twice Since PRK Due to Hazing Because of Dry Eye. Is This Normal? Will my Outcome Be Affected?

I'm 2 1/2 weeks post PRK and have experienced a very difficult and painful healing process. Days 1-3 were fine, days 4-now have been horrible. I have... READ MORE

My Doctor Tell Me Your Vision Become 6/9 After 1 Month. Is It True?

Before PRK Right eye: 6/60 Left eye: 6/36 After 20 Days PRK Right eye: 6/18 Left eye: 6/12 My doctor tell me your vision become 6/9 after 1 month. Is... READ MORE

Will my astigmatism go away after PRK?

I had PRK surgery on both eyes 3 weeks ago. My left eye is 20/20 but the right eye still has some astigmatism correction left. I believe my... READ MORE

Will PRK surgery correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness?

I had lasik surgery 3 weeks ago and was told I was both nearsighted and farsighted. If PRK was performed, would that correct both nearsightedness and... READ MORE

Going on 3 weeks post PRK vision has gotten so much worse is this normal?

I had PRK done n July 28th .. so its been a little over 2 weeks. I was seeing ok not great. I woke up on Saturday and my vision has gotten so much... READ MORE

PRK 25 days ago. Had -4.00 in right and -3.50 in left. After PRK, right eye is 20/20, but is quite blurry. Is this normal?

Before PRK, my left eye had more acuity than right... will I achieve perfect acuity in my both eyes?? I'm worried... READ MORE

Eye sight got worse 3 weeks after PRK surgery. Is this normal?

Dear Doctor, I had prk surgury 3 weeks ago.The healing process was perfect up to 2 days ago and I could see nearly 20/20 but it started to become... READ MORE

Discomfort still 3 weeks post op PRK surgery. Very concerning. Doctor does not know what's causing it

Hi. I had PRK surgery on both eyes 3 weeks ago. Strong astigmatism and -4.5 prescription on both. A week after, I had an abrasion supposedly from... READ MORE

Vision getting worse during day after PRK surgery. Is this normal?

Hello! I had PRK surgery on Dec 15th 2016, 22 days ago. Prior to surgery, I had -1.25 and .0.75 and while according to my doctor both eyes have healed... READ MORE

3 weeks post PRK surgery, is it normal too have a hard time opening both eyes while driving on a sunny and snow covered ground.

Can drive with left open but as soon as i open my right eye becomes blurry and hard too keep my right eye open. right eye i can tell ive had way more... READ MORE

3 wks after PRK, right eye vision is perfect but left eye anything far away is blurry. Is this normal?

It's been 3 wks and my right is everything is sooo sharp and clear but my left eye anything a feet in front of me is sharp and clear and anything far... READ MORE

I am 21. I had PRK enhancement 3 weeks ago but I still cannot see clearly. I feel my vision is getting worse

Does all this mean that my number has not been corrected yet? I am quite worried coz I have already been operated twice and I know now nothing can be... READ MORE

3 weeks ago, I had PRK surgery in my right eye and LASIK in my left eye. The PRK eye is still very blurry. Is this normal?

3 weeks ago I had Prk surgery in my right eye and lasik in my left eye. The prk eye is still very blurry. Is this normal? I am afraid that the... READ MORE

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