1 Week Post-op + PRK

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A Week After PRK Surgery, I Had a Corneal Abrasion when Removing the Bandage Contacts. How Will I Recover and in What Time?

A week after PRK surgery, I had a corneal abrasion when removing the bandage contacts in my non-dominant eye. It was not in the line of sight, has... READ MORE

1 Week Post PRK, Had -2 in Both Eyes, Now Left is 30/70, Right is 20/40, is This Normal?

I m from Lebanon, 30 ys, urology resident,healthy, and I underwent PRK for myopia -2 in both eyes, 6 days ago exactly, 2 days the Dr. removed my... READ MORE

Had PRK 1 Week Ago, Right Eye Has Been in Pain and Right Now I'm 20/40, is That Normal?

I did PRK about a week ago, the day of prk i felt good cuz i was able to see more but i didn't have any pain after 2 hours later only on my right... READ MORE

Had PRK a week ago, eyes ok until I Woke up this morning feeling like there is something in my left eye, like its back to day 3.

Had PRK a week ago and got the bandage contacts taken out 2 days ago. Doctor said eyes are healing fine but still has some small hazing which will... READ MORE

Pure astigmatism correction with PRK. Is it normal to have ghosting vision in 1 eye when the other is clear 1 month post prk ?

I had pure astigmatism in both eyes (left -4.00), (right -4.75).. and my cornea was fine and it's thickness was like 580mm for both eyes.i chose PRK .... READ MORE

Help! Was my PRK surgery unsuccessful?

Today marks 8 days since my surgery. I had a post-op follow-up and my vision still tested at 20/150, same as my previous post-op follow-up after... READ MORE

Why didn't my cornea heal after PRK enhancement surgery? What can I do to make sure that it does?

Went in to have the contact lens removed after prk enhancement. )done 8 months after original prk surgery). Realized 48 hours ago (5 days post op), I... READ MORE

Prk surgery post op complication.

I got prk surgery 5 days ago. The next day after the surgery i noticed my right eye was more blurry rather the left. I called my doctor to ask if this... READ MORE

8 days ago, I had PRK healing fine with no complications.

Now, I need to have a c-spine MRI performed (unrelated to PRK). Any issue's so soon after the PRK? READ MORE

Rubbed my eye after ASLA (PRK) and now my vision is blurry. Have I done permanent damage?

I had ASLA (PKR) surgery 8 days ago and woke up vigorously rubbing my left eye. My left eye is now more blurry than it has been. Have I done permanent... READ MORE

I had PRK a week ago and my vision is blurry again in my left eye. Is it normal or should I contact my surgeon?

I had prk a week ago today and my vision was clearing and doing really well and last night after i washed my face and got settled for bed i noticed my... READ MORE

Foreign body sensation/ stinging left eye 1 week after PRK, making vision blurry. Is this normal?

I had PRK performed on both eyes 7 days ago. At first my right eye had some discomfort and foreign body sensation but that cleared up around day 5. My... READ MORE

Is a sizable reduction in vision and substantial double vision expected after PRK enhancement? Part of healing process?

Had LASIK in both eyes with a laser flap in 2010. Vision was -7 to -7.75 in each eye. After I was 20/20 in left, no issues, right was only seeing... READ MORE

I got my PRK surgery done last Thursday its been 6 days. Still can't function normally. Is this normal?

I had a high prescription about-11 in both my eyes.My eyes are not suffering from any kind of pain.But my vision is still not good.It's better from... READ MORE

What to expect after flapless PRK? I'm on day 9 of my flapless PRK. I'm experiencing blurriness and haziness. (Photo)

My vision is 20/100 left eye and 20/70 right eye(according to the iPhone app).I have silicone plugs for the tear ducts and use systane and lotemax 4... READ MORE

I had a corneal abrasion on my left eye 6 days after a PRK surgery. Should I be worried ?

I had a PRK surgery on the 10th of June; both my eyes were healing fine until yesterday when something got into my left eye and i had a corneal... READ MORE

Had PRK surgery 6 days ago. Any suggestions?

At post op the next day was told my vision is 20/30, healing contacts removed a day ago but vision still blurry , still can't see hwy signs or... READ MORE

After my PRK treatment vision is blurry. Why it is so? (Photo)

I had my PRK treament before one week. My vision is now blurry comparing before. And also vision in both eyes are comparitively different. Why it is so? READ MORE

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