Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks are a type of skin scarring that is caused by rapid growth and weight changes in a person. Puberty, pregnancy, body building and other physical activity that make you gain extra weight in a short span of time can cause the skin to stretch more that it can bear, breaking the connective skin fibers and cause scarring. The stretch marks may diminish with the passage of time, but may not be removed completely without a specific removal surgery.

Reviews from the Community

Male Tummy Tuck -- Dr. Eric Swanson - Kansas City, KS

I'm excited & nervous. And I've spent the last 4 years considering a t-tuck. I lost 80 lbs 5 years ago & I've already had liposuction. I'm hoping to remove stretch marks & tighten loose skin. I believe a t-tuck will be the final phase in a long personal journey & I'm looking forward to a new lease on life!

So, today I had my medical history taken and I paid for my procedure. I am really nervous, but not necessarily excited. I am dreading the anesthesia and the recovery. And I also am afraid that I will make the wrong decision about having this done. Maybe I am just skeptical because I have cold feet about all of this? I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best--the two week count down has begun. Today I had my procedure and it is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I did have quite a bit of anxiety about the surgery itself. And I started crying as soon as I walked into the OR... I believe that I was pretty overwhelmed by the whole experience... it was incredibly surreal.

I have no idea how long I spent in the recovery room. I believe that the anesthetist put me under almost immediately because I was crying and having some anxiety. The last thing I remember was asking the nurse if everything was going to be okay. and the next thing I remember was being wheeled out to my car. There is a complete lapse in my memory... kind of like missing time.

I have been able to move around today... with the aid of a walker. It actually feels pretty nice to be up and moving around. I have been alternating between the bed, the couch, and the recliner. I have not been able to fall asleep despite the fact that I am physically and psychologically exhausted.

Tomorrow I will get to see what it looks like and I will be sure to READ MORE

3 year Update! Post-explant of 12yr old saline overs and Capsular Contracture

. The Hyaluronic acid I got is Swiss made.

I didn't mention the Jergens self-tanner. I picked that up on coupon and really liked it! This is not in the stretch mark treatment category READ MORE

Mini Abdominoplasty (skin only, no muscle repair) + Inner Thigh Lipo - McMurray, PA

fade in time! I didn't realize they would change at all, but I guess they will! Maybe I will try out Maderma's stretch mark treatment cream... Has anyone ever tried that??

I asked to have READ MORE

Carboxytherapy for Stretch Marks in NJ- East Brunswick, NJ

boggles my mind that this isn't more well-known as a stretch mark treatment here in the US.)

It was difficult to find any place near me in New Jersey that even offered carboxytherapy, but I ended up READ MORE

Boonies to Bikinis--My Tummy Tuck Adventure! (Out of Town Patient, Consultations Through Recovery) - Portland, OR

much stomach fat and the majority of my end result will be achieved from the diastasis repair and stretch mark removal. Makes total sense.

So that said, knowing that I won't have lipo READ MORE

amazing!! - Los Angeles, CA

procedures I had done, thats how cool/nice he is. His staff is also awesome and they make you feel welcomed.

I started going to see Dr. Raffy Karamanoukianwent for stretch mark removal treatment READ MORE

TT With MR and BR with Lift Done March 28th!!!!!

close ups of it.... Will do it later. Have a great weekend ladies... So I went to a spa today about light stretch mark removal and maybe taking some lumps out of the back of my legs and tightening my READ MORE

Ready for the New Me - Dra.Robles Dominican Republic

original belly button and only a little stretch mark removal or she would attempt to do a full tummy tuck to remove as many stretch marks as possible and give me a new belly button but I would have to READ MORE

This is no joke - infection! - Queensland, AU

well at all. Don't know if I'd do this again. I also have had a million stretch marks appear - which is a bit lousy. Does anyone know of a good stretch mark treatment? Hope you are healing well - God Bless READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job!! - San Diego, CA

researching away! This is so addicting lol the only thing left I will want to do is stretch mark removal / resurfacing I'm a year or two and I'm done!! READ MORE

New Body in 2015

before pic.. believe that. I did gain some weight that I'm currently trying to lose. I plan on having a TUMMY TUCK to remove stretch marks and extra skin (Dr. Ortega warned me about the extra skin READ MORE

1 Year Post Op. Still loving my results!

I walked 5 minutes too long. It's getting better!

I was told by a few ppl that laser stretch mark removal is not effective and neither are the creams. I guess I'm stuck with those stretch READ MORE

#TEAMRobles--- June 18th - Breast Augmentation/Tummy Tuck/Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

researching stretch mark removal creams all morning. I think I am going to start with something inexpensive like Palmers and Bio-Oil while my swelling goes down (so maybe 3 months) then if needed READ MORE

Carboxy Therapy Treatment Medical Aesthetics - East Brunswick, NJ

with my son who is now 19 years old. I have tried every cream and lotion over the years on the market that claim to remove stretch marks and nothing ever worked in clearing them up. Having these READ MORE

Lipo and Breast Augmentation to Fix Asymmetry

stretch marks are a lost cause :/
As far as stretch mark treatment goes, this is the most advanced technology currently available The doc said to compile a list of boobs I like - but it's harder READ MORE

Abdominoplasty and Muscle Repair - Danvers, MA

after strenuous exercise or lots of time on my feet. I'm back to my regular exercise routine and playing sports. I'm much more confident of my body now and like the way my profile looks in a mirror. (Although, I'm looking forward to a future invention that will remove stretch marks. :) READ MORE

26 Yrs Old,New Momma, in Need of a tummy tuck, GA

also wanting to do the stretch mark removal treatment since their appearance have changed for the better. Have any of you ladies tried that before? Also I have been emailing the surgery coordinator from READ MORE

The Countdown is Real! - New York, NY

itch lotion on my brand new stretch marks (from the skin stretching to accomadate my new big ass) something else ill have to investigate 'how to remove stretch marks'! I rubbed bio oil on the dents and READ MORE

Sooo Anxious - Savannah, GA

button shape and stretch mark removal. Those were my biggest concerns. I just want a normal flat ab that looks like a smile and not a frown. My navel is hidden under a roll of fat and I can't wait to see it again. I fel like a kid on xmas morning!!!