Multiple procedure for different scar types.

*Treatment results may vary

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The initial treatments were with surgical subcision using a needle, together with dermal filling. Once tethered scars are freed up, and filler 'spaced' they do not recur. Only atrophic scars need 'top ups' in the future. She also had rolling and mixed scars, including shallow box car scars. These were treated every 8 weeks with CO2 Fractional and spot ablative lasers, coupled with some aspects of subcision. Treatments were conducted over 12 months to achieve this result. Though not perfect, this patient had realistic expectations and was a pleasure to work with as she was so positive in life. Scars can be a distant reminder of the past, remember, it is always the method and not the machine that gives the best outcomes for acne scar treatments. Dr Davin Lim.