Cystic acne scar treatment

*Treatment results may vary

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In patients with severe cystic acne, prevention of acne scars is extremely important. Once acne is under control, I place patients on a scar prevention program. Depending on the ethnic skin type, severity of scarring, and acne treatment regime, I use devices such as eMatrix, Picosure FOCUS, Fraxel, Infini RF with PRP or fractional lasers to treat early scarring. If redness is the major issue, I use a laser called a vascular laser or pulse dye laser, or IPL wit a red filter to treat red scars. IPL using the blue filter in the 420 nm spectrum can also help reduce acne. In some cases I use low level laser emission devices (LEDs) such as Kleresca or Omnilux BLUE- RED. All treatments are tailored according the the patient's acne program, downtime, and ethnic skin types, as well as skin sensitivities. Combination treatments work best, as illustrated in this case. The outcome was not one scar. This is usual, as I did expect some scaring due to the severity of his cystic acne.