25-34 year old woman treated with Dental Implants

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient came in to seek veneers to improve correct the rotation and improve the appearance of her 2 front teeth.  The right front incisor had a history of trauma, root canal treatment, root resorption and infection destroying the facial bone thus making prognosis hopeless.  Because she was getting married in 3 months, we could not consider orthodontic treatment to correct rotation of the left central incisor.  We did diagnostic model, extracted her right central incisor, grafted with bone and membrane, prepared the left tooth for a crown, temporized them with the left temporary crown holding the right tooth, all done within 2 hours.  The temporary crowns were so nice that she got married with them while waiting for the bone graft to integrate.  Six months later, an implant was placed to replace the right central incisors and the temporary crowns replaced.  We waited 6 more months for the implant to be well integrated before finishing the case with crowns on both central incisors.