Picosure FOCUS for early acne scars- exception rather than the rule.

*Treatment results may vary

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There are many methods and devices to treat acne scarring. To date the PICOSURE FOCUS is the only method that gives virtually NO downtime, skin is not broken - unlike eMatrix, Fraxel , micro needling and fractional lasers. The downside is that this laser is best for early acne scars (less than 3 months old) and patients must have melanin (skin of colour). This patient is of Asian extraction and received a good improvement in acne scars after 3 sessions of Picosure Focus, using the 6 mm spot size at its maximum power. For most patients, my treatment of choice would be with insulated microneedling PRP, as it delivers more consistent result. This photograph shows that Picosure can work, however its the exception rather than the rule. Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia.