55-64 year old woman treated with Liquid Facelift

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient felt that the area around her mouth and under her eyes made her look much older than she felt. She wanted to have a facelift eventually but wanted something done in the office to help improve her appearance until she was fully ready for surgery. She had Sculptra to fill out her hollow temples, Voluma to bring back volume to her cheeks and give her a slight lift, and Juvederm to help fill out her collapsing lips. She also had Botox to raise her eyebrows and Belotero to her tear troughs giving her eyes a very refreshed look. Belotero was also used to fill some remaining superficial wrinkles. She also had Lumecca (IPL) to help clear up her complexion and dark spots. Finally she did a series of Forma radio frequency to tighten her skin.